If you want to produce videos with real people, authentic content, backed by data from over $100 million in ad spend, this is for you.

Ditch the lightbox and filters—we’ve got an easier way to create great videos with four custom video packages:

Package 1

Product Review or Demo

Give your customers what they really want: a reason to buy your product.

Package 2


Put viewers in the shoes of a purchaser. Maybe make them a little jealous, too.

Package 3

Product Promo

Videos that show off the real star of the show: your product.

Package 4


Get action-oriented videos that highlight your product in a lifestyle setting. Real people, real life, real effective.

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Product videos that stop the scroll and warm your traffic.

EmberTribe was built on testing. Testing audiences, testing budgets, testing creative. When you’ve been testing every day for over 5 years, you learn what works. 

Custom video content works. Videos get engagement, boost CTR, and increase conversions, whether it’s included in ads or your website. 

Our creative process for videos has been developed by our data-driven approach to growth strategies. Each video package has been fine-tuned to act as a sales-boosting asset. 

So, does that mean we’re creating the same content for everyone?

No way! We honed the formula for video creative that generates the most revenue. Your brand, your story, and your goals will inform the final product. 

Whether you’re wanting to create videos for your organic social, paid ads, or website, EmberTribe’s video packages offer professional video production that strengthen your brand. Just because your competitors are paying more for videos that can’t deliver positive ROI doesn’t mean you have to. 😉

Learn more about our video packages below—including cost and deliverables. 

Product Review or Demo

Connect with your customers through experiential creative.

We make it easier for you to share your product experiences with others. When you select this video package, you can choose between two options:

  1. A scripted personalized product review
  2. A hands-on demonstration of your product in use

For the UGC product review, we’ll create a scripted video of up to 30 seconds (using your own customer reviews) in portrait orientation for vertical use. This option is perfect for social ads and product pages. 

For the hands-on demo, we’ll create a scripted video of up to 30 seconds using your product description and add step-by-step instructions to reduce buyer friction. The final cut will be delivered in square format for flexible use between channels. This option is perfect for Amazon product listings, collection pages, and social ads. 

Review and demo videos are an easy way to show off your product in a fun and engaging format. Hook shoppers in with this video package option!



Elevate your product from a “want to have” to a “need to have” in 30 seconds or less.

Transport your customers to a future where they’ve just scooped their new package off their front porch and they’re unboxing their new purchase. Unboxing videos in social ads are a savvy, budget-friendly way to get audiences excited about your products.

An unboxing video features a clip of up to 30 seconds against an unstyled background. Show off the experience of being a customer through compelling imagery and descriptive copy.  

These videos are popular because they allow consumers to view the product from a first person point-of-view. It’s almost as good as having the product in their hands. 

5 Steps to Great Video Content

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Choose your video package(s)
Send us your products
We'll shoot and edit videos
Final delivery of ready-to-use videos

Product Promo

Create immersive storytelling. 

Jazz up your creative assets with a staged or minimalist product promo video. This video package features your product as the star of the show. No actors, no fluff, just the good stuff.

Minimalist product promos are just as cool as staged promos 😎 so don’t let the name fool you. These promos feature your products center-stage against a plain, white background. We’ll add in copy sourced from you, plus music. Feature up to 5 different product variants. 


Lifestyle Video

Bring your product to life with click-worthy videos.

This video package is our most versatile offering, developed to maximize your video marketing strategy. Lifestyle videos are perfect for anything from organic social posts to website landing pages, store product pages, to Amazon listings.

Show, don’t tell. We believe in the power of stories, and this package is primed for unique brand storytelling on a budget. We’ll handle the actors, the story, the shooting, and the editing. All you need to do is provide your product to star in the show.

With our lifestyle promo video package, you’ll get one master lifestyle video (of up to 2 minutes) plus seven 15-30 second clips to utilize across multiple platforms and channels.

All you need to provide is the product and a goal. We'll strategize to develop video creative optimized for your needs.
We really did make it that easy.

It's time to stop maxing yourself out for creative that just doesn't cut it. 

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