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How to Scale an eComm Business from $500k to $5M with Multi-Channel Growth Systems?

T01E26ENQDN-U023BN8JRHP-ad0307d718fd-512What are the key elements to scale a business sustainably in 2022? Andres Morales, B2B Marketing Specialist of the EmberTribe Agency, explains the secrets behind legendary brands in the US and how they scaled their business from the $500k plateau to $5M+ per year in revenue. 

By Andres Morales Z. | July 27th, 2022

Marketing Budget (1) 

On an average month, the growth specialists of EmberTribe conduct ~620 unique experiments across all platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Taboola, Google Search and Display, Youtube, and more). The ability to test fast and use those results to determine growth opportunities makes a digital marketing specialist valuable and effective in today’s competitive landscape.  

Clients have complete visibility of their budget allocation, but in the end, we focus on one thing: profitable growth. Many brands find a plateau in the $500k yearly revenue mark because of rising CPMs, economic recessions, tracking issues (yes… iOS 14), and other challenges. 

So rapid and strategic testing is increasing in value for businesses that seek fast growth. New ideas and campaigns are important as long as they are executed in a defined time and the results are correctly analyzed to understand the impact.

Single Channel Strategy (1)

What's more important in marketing: direction or speed?

Founders and CEOs should have both. That's the value of strategic fast testing! But with a lack of accurate testing, leaders question the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, teams, and even their products/services. They forget to keep testing and stick to the channel that gave them the most revenue from the beginning.

It’s good that their ROAS is healthy in a popular channel like Facebook, but what about Reddit, Bing, TikTok, or the other emerging channels? So how can a business grow sustainably with restricted sources of revenue? 

HINT: They can’t. They need a multi-channel growth system and a robust testing culture to thrive in today’s competitive markets.

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So, what’s a Multi-Channel Growth System, and how can it boost your Return On Ad Spent (ROAS)?

Our clients still make substantial revenue on the popular primary channels. But we know that Facebook and Google costs are rising, and scale is limited. So at EmberTribe, we found a path to hit businesses’ goals by methodically tapping into multiple secondary channels. But it needs to be strategic. 

Spending money in multiple channels is NOT a Multi-Channel Growth System. But weaving those channels together while genuinely understanding the buyer’s journey is the key to profitable and sustainable growth in 2022

Do you need to increase your brand’s budget to launch a Multi-Channel Growth System?

The short answer is no! This strategy will make it easier to increase your marketing budget down the road, but it will show an improvement in insights and results faster than any other approach. 

Check out the before & after results from a client in the Kids & Baby industry after launching a Multi-Channel Growth System with an $18k/monthly ad spend:

1 (1)

2 (1)-1

*MER (Marketing Efficiency Ratio) is total revenue/total paid ad spend from all channels. This is a more holistic way of viewing paid advertising’s impact on revenue rather than channel-by-channel profitability.

Graph 3

Variations in Results of the change in
strategy with the SAME BUDGET

Marketing Budget

Take a look at the evolution of a client’s customer journey in the Kids & Baby eComm space:

Single Channel Strategy (2)

Both journeys have various funnel stages involved and types of content. But Journey B doesn’t rely entirely on 1 platform to generate revenue, so it is more stable and sustainable besides taking advantage of lower ad costs on emerging platforms. Think of it as a table with 1 leg vs. a 4 leg table. 

Single Channel Strategy

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How does it connect with SEO and CRO, and why are the most successful brands investing in it?

In Q1 - Q2 of 2022, 68% of brands in industries like SaaS, Electronics, Kids & Baby Products, Learning, and even Automotive & Industrial shifted more budget to SEO and content. We're watching it happen in real-time across 500+ past & current eComm clients, even for B2B businesses that rely on lead generation models. 

You may be wondering why… When businesses adopt more data-driven marketing techniques, the vast majority realize there are sky-rocketing conversion rates on organic traffic. So the decision is a no-brainer because the most effective and fastest way to increase volume in organic traffic is through SEO. 


SEO started to rise on 2021 as a frantic sprint to make up for lost sales (thanks to iOS14 and rising ad costs). But there's a silver lining… On average, these brands cut their acquisition cost by 20% while scaling revenue past $500k plateaus, which enabled them to increase their marketing budgets.

Why are SEO strategies so effective in generating conversions?

From a consumer perspective, most people don’t like getting targeted all the time. Some of them prefer finding the solution on their own through search engines like Google or Bing without realizing it is part of the marketing strategies of multi-million dollar brands. SEO enables a native and more “natural” consumer journey that attracts consumers with high intent at the right time, boosting the overall CVRs of businesses.

Josh Sturgeon, the co-founder of EmberTribe, used to be an SEO consultant for large international brands, often generating billions in revenue (from SEO alone). The game has changed significantly, but SEO still provides one of the most significant opportunities for eCommerce brands to scale in 2022-2023.

If you are curious about how an SEO strategy can boost conversions for a business, schedule here a free consultation with our Growth Experts. 

What’s the key to a successful SEO strategy, and how does it boost your current social paid ads strategy?

Our key to scaling brands with SEO is to take an aggressive approach to find the sweet spot of keyword difficulty rankings and search volume, paired with keyword variations to write content. This tactic improves organic search rankings in weeks, not months. Our SEO tactics include rich written content with internal and external backlinking strategies. We do all the leg work to source guest blog posts from high-ranking domain authorities. 

In a multi-channel growth system, SEO plays a crucial role in audience analysis, boosting retargeting campaigns, speeding up the process of audience creation with Lookalikes, and even setting up the floor for strategic Conversion Rate Optimization with organic traffic. 

Combining SEO and CRO techniques with a Multi-Channel Growth System with 4+ paid social channels boosts the consumer journeys to scale faster. It allows businesses to ensure sustainable and profitable growth in the long run.


With over 10 years of experience and 110 million in ad spend under our belts, we know how to guide businesses from fizzle to sizzle.

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