"[EmberTribe]  helped us create meaningful reports to analyze the data and drive business improvements. We also collaborate with the team on paid social media campaigns. They never apply one-size-fits-all solutions, but take the time to understand our business and strategic goals in order to drive measurable results. They have added concrete value to our business. Can't recommend them enough!"  — Eli Staykova
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"Ember Tribe has provided tremendous value to Freedom United, and our work to end modern slavery and human trafficking. As a global nonprofit, EmberTribe helped us develop a solid new member acquisition strategy, boost our audience engagement, and nurture the growth of our global community. The results? Over 200 new donors in less than 6 months. They are deeply knowledgeable of best practices, trends and tools that are easy to implement – vital for a lean organization like ours. As best-in-class experts, they have true value to digital marketers." — Nora Mishriky
""We LOVE the data and information, thank you for researching all of this, we are very excited to be purposeful in our actions to get these new customers!"  — Chrissy Baron